‘Nature's Womb’ is the personification of menstruation, featuring poetry and high contrast imagery, this series dives into the undefined connection women have with nature and the moon
'The Crimson Moon'

I’ve always connected to her, the moon, with the way her energy rises making the sea roar.
To the calmness that prevails when she is no longer beautifully full.
Our cycle is similar in the way we change.
Some days I am present, the proud Crimson Moon.
I release my tidal floods when the bud does not grow.
My flow will persist 'till it is time for me to go.
I know I am not easy, and you may find me hard.
But the feminine power I bring is so wonderfully large.
It’s the gift from mother nature so uniquely ours.
The emotions I bring can be different to some.
You may see me as imperfect but that doesn't mean I'm not strong.
Many words have described me, but why are they not good?
I see no shame in the moon, but I seem shameful to you.
Be careful.
For the words you speak will only survive, till we decide they no longer thrive.
The silence you’ve demanded will end soon; my feminine power will naturally consumes.
When dawn rises, you’ll remember one thing, to bleed is beautiful, not a shameful thing.
When the new moon ascends, and the cycle has changed, our feminine power is only exchanged.
I may be gone but I am still here, just slightly different from the red I commonly appear.
Till the next bud that may or may not grow I will always be present, till your last flow.
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